Exterior Dimensions: 19'4” length, 7’4” width, 6’9” height (with pop-top down), 8’5” (with pop-top up)

Interior Dimensions: 13’6” length, 6’10” width, 6’5” height (with pop-top up); about 94 sq ft

Weight: Approximately 2,500 lbs dry (empty) weight and 3,500 lbs axle weight (GAWR); we recommend that your vehicle can tow 2,700-3,500 lbs depending on how full you load it with food, water, clothes, and gear


Chassis: Durable and lightweight steel frame; 11” axle clearance, 18” trailer clearance; two 205/75R14 trailer tires; two fixed, leveling scissor jacks

Hitch package: Long 4’4” tongue with 2” ball receiver and tongue jack with wheel; on your vehicle, you’ll need a Class II receiver with a 2" ball hitch that's about 16" off the ground and a 4-pin wire connector; 275 lbs tongue weight

Trailer shell: Sustainably-sourced cedar siding; locally-sourced framing lumber and plywood; hand-packed wool insulation in walls and ceiling; sustainably-produced poplar and fiberglass nose and tail curvatures; marine-grade plywood for the underfloor with foam board insulation; durable, non-toxic stains

Pop-top: Hard-sided component that raises to max 6’5” indoor headroom and drops down for aerodynamic travel and storage in standard garages; made from sustainably-sourced wood and wool insulation; lifting assistance by high-performance gas struts

Back hatch: Locking hatch at the rear of the trailer reveals over 10 sq ft counter for outdoor cooking, picnics/tailgating, light storage, or other purposes

Driving lights: 4-pin connector ensures that driving lights (brakes, signals, emergency, and side running) are functional and visible

Door: Keyless entry lock; optional split “Dutch” door”


Solar panels: The number of low-profile, flexible solar panels depends on your base trailer package:

  • Standard Package: 400 watts
  • Extended Off-Grid Package: 800 watts

Batteries: Similarly, the number of stable, high-quality lithium-ion batteries depends on your base trailer package:

  • Minimalist Package: 1,200 watt-hour (100 amp-hour) lithium-ion batteries
  • Standard Package: 2,400 watt-hour (200 amp-hour) lithium-ion batteries
  • Extended Off-Grid Package: 6,000 watt-hour (500 amp-hour) lithium-ion batteries

Inverter: A 2000 watt low-frequency power inverter with automatic transfer switch and 40 amp battery charger comes with the Standard or Extended Off-Grid Packages.

Other equipment for system: Efficient charge controller with easy-to-read battery capacity and charge indicator; shore power hookup with 30 amp adapter (able to plug into a residential outdoor outlet); standard electrical panel


Windows: Two double-paned, tempered glass, crank-opening storm windows on the side of the trailer and one large Plexiglas window at the rear with opening panels for ventilation or weather protection

Flooring: Sustainably-harvested cork available in two styles

Interior wood: Sustainably-sourced maple and poplar woods; coated plywood walls


Kitchen counter: Durable surface (74” width, 24” depth) made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and phenolic resins; available in multiple colors

Cooler/Refrigerator: The availability and type of cooler/mini-fridge depends on your trailer package:

  • Standard Package: 2.6 cu ft ENERGY STAR® rated mini-fridge with small freezer
  • Extended Off-Grid Package: 3.1 cu ft advanced ENERGY STAR® rated mini-fridge that switches between 12V and 120V power, saving an additional 20-25% energy

Cooktop: The availability and type of induction cooktop depends on your trailer package:

  • Standard Package: One-burner, portable induction cooktop with glass ceramic surface and 150°F – 450°F temperature range (900 watt peak draw)
  • Extended Off-Grid Package: Two-burner, portable induction cooktop with glass ceramic surface and 150°F – 450°F temperature range (1,800 watt peak draw)

Cabinets and drawers: There is approximately 15.5 cu ft of storage space in one cabinet and 2.7 cu ft of space in 3 drawers; cabinet and drawer faces can match the countertop or stay as natural wood (see above)

Water system: 12-gallon freshwater tank pumps to a large sink (with drying area) at the rear counter; sink water drains to a modular, external graywater tank at rear of trailer:

  • Standard Package: Electrical pump
  • Extended Off-Grid Package: Electrical pump; 1.5-gallon water heater available as an add-on option



Beds: Ultra-comfortable foam mattresses sleep 4 people - 1 pull-out “shy” queen (78” length, 56” width) and 2 XL twin bunks (top: 78” length, 24” width; bottom: 78” length, 32”width); both beds convert into couches for plenty of sitting area; premium Soaring Heart latex mattresses available as an add-on option

Composting toilet: The availability of a composting toilet depends on your trailer package:

  • Standard Package and Extended Off-Grid Package: Clean, self-contained composting toilet helps you gain more travel flexibility and avoid dump stations

Dinette (optional): An optional dinette that converts into a single twin bed can replace the two bunk beds or can be added with a removable top bunk (for any package; see customization options)

Fold-away Table: Opens to 2.25 sq ft for dining or working

Lighting: 5 interior (3 kitchen, 1 bed, and 1 bathroom) LED lights on dimmer controls

  • Minimalist Package: All 12-volt lighting
  • Standard Package and Extended Off-Grid Package: All 120-volt lighting

Power outlets: The number and type of power outlets depends on your trailer package:

  • Minimalist Package: Two 12-volt "cigarette lighter" plugs and two USB outlets for electronics charging
  • Standard Package and Extended Off-Grid Package: 4 standard 120-volt outlets; 2 USB outlets for phone charging

Storage: In addition to the storage space in the kitchen cabinets and drawers, there is 34.5 cu ft under the two bed areas; 3 open shelves next to drawers; and a closet in the Minimalist package

Built-in shelves: Two convenient built-in shelves located on the front wall above the queen bed/couch and in the toilet area

Other: Fire extinguisher, smoke/carbon monoxide detector, crank handle for scissor jacks, wheel chocks, lug nut wrench, and modular door step



Hot water tank: Fully-connected 1.5-gallon tank provides hot sink water (it is recommended you select the Extended Off-Grid Option or only use with electrical hook-ups for this add-on option)

Gravity-fill water filter: 10-liter bag to scoop water, hang up, and gravity filter into your water tank for off-grid sites (automatically part of the Extended Off-Grid Package but available as an add-on as well)

Portable outdoor shower system: Modular 3-gallon pressurized water chamber with foot pump and 7 foot spray hose/nozzle, privacy screen booth, and wooden standing platform

Swing tongue: Detachable, 2’ swinging portion of tongue reduces trailer length to 17’4” to fit your trailer into shorter garages, tight campsites, or other unique parking situations

Trailer brakes: Our trailers weigh about 2,500 lbs and, thus, there is no requirement in Washington (and many states) for them to have brakes, however, if you wish to add electric brakes, we can include them. This would require your vehicle to have a 7-pin connector and a brake controller.

Spare tire with mount: Spare tire mounted to tongue for emergency situations