As a social purpose corporation, we are committed to creating value within our community, benefiting the environment, and supporting a thriving workforce. We take sustainability seriously in everything we do, from the paper we buy, to the renewable energy powering our facility, to our near zero-waste recycling practices during production.  One of Homegrown Trailers’ key differentiators in the market is the sustainability elements of the trailers themselves. We know how important this is to our responsible and intentional customers.

  • Aerodynamic shape and lightweight design help maximize towing vehicle fuel efficiency

  • 100% solar-powered eliminates the need for using fossil fuels and running a generator when off the grid

  • Efficient LED lights and ENERGY STAR appliances

  • No toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • Renewable materials such as CARB2-certified wood, sustainably-harvested cork, and recycled materials used in the interior and exterior

  • Clean, composting toilet allows you to tread lightly when adventuring and reduce toxic chemicals used in traditional black water storage tanks

  • Reusable dishes and flatware, biodegradable soap, and recycled paper products provided with every rental trailer


"The most eco-friendly camper we’ve seen."