Purchasing a Homegrown Trailer is one of the best investments you can make. In addition to acquiring a trailer that will retain value over time, it’s an investment in your quality of life through new adventures, spending time with family and friends, connecting you with nature, staying active, and supporting a greener world. We offer two models, the Woodland and the Timberline, with multiple package and design/feature choices for each. Learn more below.


All Timberline models feature:

  • 23’L x 7’11”W x 8’11”H

  • 4,350-4,550 lbs dry weight

  • 600-800 watts of solar panels (optional)

  • 3.6-6.0 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery capacity (optional)

  • Multiple layout options with sleeping for 3-6

  • Choose bunk beds, dinette, or both

  • Wet bath with indoor shower and toilet

  • 23.5-29.5 gallon freshwater system with hot water

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Price starts at $57,495

All Woodland models feature:

  • 19'4"H x 7'5"W x 6'9"H (top down) or 8'5"H (top up)

  • 2,700-2,850 lbs dry weight

  • 400-800 watts of solar panels

  • 2.4-6.0 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery capacity

  • Two layout options with sleeping for 2-4

  • Composting toilet

  • 12-gallon freshwater tank

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Price starts at $39,495


Please Get in Touch!

Please contact us to learn more about our product, pricing, shipping options, or to come see a trailer. Our normal Kirkland showroom hours are Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm, but we are also open on select evenings and weekend days. Please contact us at or 425-892-8566 to arrange a visit.


Try Before You Buy

Are you ready to purchase a Homegrown Trailer, but want to try before you buy? Visit our partner ROAM Beyond to stay in a Homegrown Trailer in a beautiful off-the-grid location.