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about us

Homegrown Trailers™ is a social purpose corporation based in Kirkland, Washington that produces sustainable, handcrafted travel trailers for sale. We are unlike any trailer business in the world, fusing a global desire for compact, environmentally conscious, and healthy living spaces for all types of people, including those who haven’t traveled in RVs before. Our company is especially passionate about helping people connect to nature and find adventure on the road in a responsible, comfortable, and tasteful way.

The story begins decades ago. Our co-founder and CEO, Corey Weathers, always had a strong connection to the outdoors and taking adventures. When he had the first of his two daughters in 2006, Corey knew things would change… and they did for awhile. Eventually, he and his wife began taking the girls camping but Corey quickly realized that he was about the only one who could deal with pitching tents, sleeping on the wet ground, and the constant lack of privacy. Instead of accepting this as the way things needed to be, he sought out a solution. As a sustainability consultant, he had something very specific in mindㅡa trailer that he could pull with a small and efficient car or SUV, that was capable of being off-grid, that was comfortable with some key amenities, and most importantly, that was made with sustainable and healthy materials. When the market didn’t provide what he was looking for, he got creative and pulled in some good friends who worked in construction. What emerged was a beautiful and classy travel trailer that his wife, his girls, and everyone they bumped into on the road fell in love with. Now, they get to share this experience with the world, helping others create memories that last a lifetime.

Then Corey decided to co-found the business with support from a cadre of advisers and specialists, including Eric Gertsman, James Jenkins, Kirk Robinson, and Josh Moreman ㅡmany who have been lifelong friends and fellow adventurersㅡto replicate the trailer for countless other families and friends to enjoy. Homegrown Trailers officially emerged in January 2016. Our production, rental, and sales facility is located in Kirkland, WA and we are currently hard at work manufacturing trailers and taking orders for rental and sales units.

Let your friends, families, and coworkers know about us. And come visit us in Kirkland soon!


Corey Weathers   Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Corey Weathers, MEd. - Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Corey has been a lifelong adventurer with a strong sense of respect and appreciation for the world that we all share. After spending 6 years with the nation’s largest health and wellness facility, where he led the development of a nationally recognized employee wellness program and comprehensive outdoor adventure programs, he turned a leaf and has since consulted on dozens of business, nonprofit and government projects focused on driving a more sustainable and resilient future. He is often recognized as a visionary thinker and referred to as the “glue” that holds cross-sector stakeholders together to continually collaborate and innovate. This experience combined with his strong business acumen, Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and Master of Science Education degree from the University of Washington resulted in the launch of Homegrown Trailers, a business that brings together all of Corey’s passions and interests via an amazingly desirable product and business model destined to change the RV experience forever.


Grant Hawley - Production Manager

Grant heads the production team at Homegrown trailers, managing the company’s manufacturing process and works to ensure the trailers’ high level of quality. He spent over a decade building custom homes and doing high-end residential remodeling, working with prominent Seattle builders such as, Peter Davis Builders and Schultz|Miller. Grant has developed a keen sense of what can transform a structure into something truly spectacular. In recent years, he has worked in the museum exhibit industry focusing his skills on creating engaging and interpretive exhibits for clients such as MOHAI, the National Park Service, and the Smithsonian Institution. In his spare time, Grant loves to bike, hike, camp, dance, and generally stay active


Landon Quebedeaux - Production & Marketing Specialist

As a production and marketing specialist, Landon applies his creative design and construction experience to the team’s component manufacturing and promotions. He has spent the last few years designing, building, and running his own custom furniture business in Southwest Louisiana.  Landon graduating from LSU where he attained his bachelors in French with a concentration in International Business.  He loves traveling the world, inventing things that maybe ten people would be very excited about, being outdoors, performing music, the entrepreneurial spirit, and his Cajun food!

James Jenkins   LEED AP - Product Innovation and Sustainable Materials Specialist

James Jenkins, LEED AP - Co-founder, Product Innovation and Sustainable Materials Specialist

James has spent more than a decade building an impressive resume of green building and sustainability project certifications, accreditations and awards. He has worked as a consultant on both commercial and residential green building projects, including the certification of the first Living Building in the United States. James supports the Homegrown Trailers team by developing product innovations that enhance sustainability on all levels and will identify the most appropriate green building materials. He is long-time outdoor enthusiast and has spent countless days climbing and mountain biking throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Kirk Robinson   Product Advocate and Innovation Specialist

Production Team

Hailing from backgrounds as diverse as surfboard building to museum exhibit manufacturing, our team is passionate and committed to high quality work. We are always recruiting our next team members as our company evolves and grows. Contact us at to learn more about current open positions.  


Advisory Team

Brody O'Harran - Sales and Marketing Advisor

Cassandra Delaune, MBA - Sustainability Industry Network Advisor

Chris Preston, MBA - Marketing and Business Strategy Advisor

Clay Robinson, MBA - Marketing and Business Strategy Advisor

Eric Gertsman, MBA - Co-Founder, Marketing and Business Development Advisor

Kirk Robinson - Product Advocate and Innovation Specialist

Michael Chang, MBA - Corporate and Startup Strategy Advisor

Paul Jensen - Product Development Advisor

Pauline Bowie - Accounting and Financial Planning Advisor

Tom Weathers, MBA - Financial and Business Strategy Advisor